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Becoming increasingly popular and with proven cost savings to both domestic and commercial customers, LED lighting solutions are fast becoming the preferred lighting alternative to traditional lighting and a great way to save your business money. Offering directional light for both internal and external use and with coloured lighting options, LED light performs not only a functionary role, but also offers contemporary feature lighting for specific areas and uses. Wouldn’t you like to start saving your business money now?

Whilst the initial cost of LED lighting is acknowledged, the power consumption is up to 70% less than most existing lighting, and therefore a switch to LED lighting will most certainly begin to start saving your business money immediately, seeing a return on investment within 24 months.  With a potential annual saving of up to 90% on annual energy bills, you can expect to improve your profit margins as a result of changing your commercial lighting to LED.

Saving Your Business Money & Making a Happy, Healthier & More Productive Workforce

LED lighting offers a superior quality light that will enhance any working space and ensure that staff are provided with a clear, bright light that will improve productivity and focus and in turn, greater productivity leads to an increase in profits.   With a lower heat output and less light pollution, the working environment for employees is vastly improved.  With LED lighting solutions you can be sure that a happier, healthier workforce is a productive workforce.

LED lights run for more than 50,000 hours of usage; traditionally that would represent a large number of bulb changes, but with LED lighting, there is little or no maintenance in respect of regular bulb changes resulting in a noticeable reduction in maintenance costs in your business. Commercial LED Lighting use a leading UK manufacturer of LED bulbs so that their customers can be assured of a quality product with no cheap far eastern imports.  Our products are EC regulated and regularly out perform their competitors.

Providing you with affordable solutions, Commercial LED lighting offer cost justification analysis, together with a design and installation service throughout the UK. With interest free loans offered throughout the UK and businesses able to take advantage of the Big Business Carbon Trust Refit, many businesses have no initial outlay when switching to commercial LEDlighting; a great incentive to begin saving your business money.

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