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The benefits of LED Lighting in the industrial sector are multiple. Providing affordable LED lighting solutions to the industrial sector, Commercial LED lighting advises on cost effect solutions, guaranteeing to save costs and improve the working environment. As a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, our products are CE regulated, not cheap imitation products, and outperformed all of the top leading manufacturers in recent benchmark tests.  Offering both internal and external lighting, designing bespoke solutions or adding to your current system, Commercial LED lighting can advise and install throughout the UK.

Benefits of LED Lighting – Commercial LED Lighting

With annual energy savings of up to 65-80%,  the benefits of LED lighting are that our clients can see a return on investment within 24 months.  As a cheaper alternative to conventional or energy saving lightbulbs, businesses who are required to keep lights running for long periods of day or night are soon able to reap the benefits of LED lighting.

From warehousing and cold storage to distribution and heavy industrial, our LED lighting solutions are cost effective with minimal maintenance and a reduced need for lamp changes in high ceiling buildings.  We are able to install lighting control systems to reduce wastage and can provide a range of lighting to suit bay sizing and floodlight requirements.

In terms of light quality, this can be tailored to suit the environment and so reduce eye strain and ensure a safe working environment in storage or assembly areas.  In a variety of colours and tones, LED lighting can offer mood lighting to suit the working space; with an improved quality of light, productivity can often increase.  Given that the light output is directional, light pollution is minimised and so a very efficient solution to lighting for specific areas or tasks.  LED lighting produces a lower heat output than conventional lighting, thus reducing heat pollution; improving the working environment for employees and so adding to increased productivity levels and a fall in absenteeism given a happier, healthier workforce.  

Our clients within the industrial sector are reaping the benefits of LED lighting. To discuss how LED lighting can  improve your working environment and save your business money, contact us today on 0800 040 8700 as our team would welcome the opportunity to answer any queries you may have and arrange a free on site survey. To learn more about the uses of LED Lighting you can visit our previous blog update for more information.