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The Guaranteed Way to Save Your Business Money on your Electricity Bills

No capital outlay

Save 60% on your electricity bills

Environmentally friendly, long life, superior quality lighting

Supply and installation of commercial LED lighting solutions

Commercial LED Lighting offer LED cost justification analysis and design and installation services throughout the UK. We provide affordable LED lighting solutions that save you money and improve your working environment.

Our LED lighting solutions can be utilised either with internal or external lighting. We offer a design and installation service, and have a range of solutions that can either be retro-fitted to your existing lighting system, or we can design bespoke lighting solution to suit your needs.

We are proud to use one of the leading UK manufacturers of LED lighting, not cheap imitation products from the Far East. All our products are CE regulated and out performed in benchmark tests against all of the top leading manufacturers.

More reasons to use LED Commercial Lighting

  • No capital outlay
  • Ofgem predict increase in electricity bills by more than 60% by 2016
  • Cut costs with the Big Business Carbon Trust Refit
  • Interest Free Loans available (Wales and N. Ireland only)
  • Improved working conditions

We guarantee that our bespoke commercial LED lighting solutions will save you money!

commercial LED lighting
commercial LED lighting
commercial LED lighting

Why change to LED?

  • Massively reduced energy consumption
  • Maintenance cost savings due to product lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Superior quality lighting

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